Gosch’s Paddock upgrade works underway

Gosch’s Paddock Oval 2, adjacent to Punt Road, is being upgraded to match the elite training and playing standards of Melbourne’s other AFL venues, providing a better training facility for the Melbourne Football Club and recreation space for the community.

The upgrade works are being conducted in partnership with the Victorian Government, Melbourne Football Club and AFL.

We know our local community loves to use Gosch’s Paddock for exercise and play, however, access to the football oval will be disrupted during the works.

We apologise for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

Please see below for further information on the planned works.

When are the works taking place?

The works will start in December 2021 and run until May 2022.

During this time, public access to Gosch’s Paddock Oval 2 will be impacted.

Why are these works being undertaken?

The playing surface of Gosch’s Paddock Oval 2 is being expanded to better replicate the length of the MCG and width of Marvel Stadium playing surfaces to create a better training facility for Melbourne Football Club and improve the ground for use by the community.

What is the extent of the works?

Works will be confined to the Gosch’s Paddock Oval 2 area and will include expansion of the oval surface, re-turfing and improvements to existing fencing and lighting.

We value the contribution Gosch’s Paddock makes as a valuable example of green, open public space in Melbourne’s inner urban area.

No trees will be removed as part of these works, and we are taking all reasonable steps to preserve and protect mature trees adjacent to the works area.