Supporting the sports community through uncertain times

We’ve all got a favourite sports team.  

Whether you’re a football fanatic, netball lover or a rugby supporter, we’re incredibly lucky that Melbourne has so many brilliant teams to get behind, and such a strong community of supporters.  

The last few weeks have been like nothing we’ve ever experienced before. COVID-19 has meant that things are changing fast in Australia’s sporting landscape with many competitions now suspended.  

Ultimately, it means that fans might not have the opportunity to see their favourite sports stars this season. Beyond this, local competitions and leagues have also come to a halt. Our local Clubs and teams provide a place to be active, but also important connection, socialization and friendship. 

It’s a challenging time for us all, and it means we might have to find different outlets to support the sports community through these uncertain times if we can’t be there to cheer them on in person. 

Ways you can show your support 

While things might be unpredictable right now, our sporting clubs will always be there.  

You could buy a supporter membership and start thinking about future games you’ll be attending, all the while talking to fellow fans to keep the community thriving. Follow your favourite sporting teams on social media (if you haven’t already) and keep up to date with their latest posts, practice schedules and any important team updates that they might be sharing. 

Plus, make sure you’re subscribed to get email updates, that way you’ll always be first to find out about anything going on at the club and any future games, team line-ups and news.  

If you’ve been eyeing up a new jersey for a while, or waiting for the right moment to buy a replacement for your well-worn scarf, now could be the time to buy merchandise and show your support for your favourite team, providing them with a source of income in a time when they might otherwise be struggling. 

Your local teams and Clubs might also be able to use a helping hand in the coming months. Give their social media channels a follow, offer to volunteer when things get back up and running again or donate equipment, boots or balls to help them get things going when the time comes. 

We all face a great deal of uncertainty right now, but we can continue to show our support and love for our sporting community in any way we can, as well as thinking ahead to the excitement of future matches.