Gosch’s Paddock Enhancement Project

Gosch’s Paddock is being improved to support the needs of all users. The Gosch’s Paddock Enhancement Project will enhance the green space and benefit casual recreational users, local residents and organised sport.

The project is confined to the western end of Gosch’s Paddock and will include:
o Installation of new turf
o Improved drainage to support the durability of the turf and surrounding areas
o Improved public toilet facilities via a direct sewer connection
o Replacement of vandalized trees.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is the project taking place?

The project will enhance the green space for casual recreational users, organised sport and local residents.

2. How many trees will be removed? What kinds of trees?

Eight immature gum trees will be removed to facilitate the drainage and turf replacement. A number of vandalized trees will also be replaced.

3. Why can’t the trees be transplanted?

Gum trees do not generally transplant well, and as these are immature, it is easier for them to be replaced. However we are working on a masterplan for Gosch’s Paddock, which will ensure that our canopy is maintained.

4. What expert advice has been sought?

Melbourne & Olympic Parks is working with external consultants in the planning and management of this project, and the future plan for the area.

5. What community consultation has taken place?

At this stage, the works being performed are minor, however we will consult with the community as part of the broader masterplan process.

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