Getting behind the live music industry

Live music, entertainment events and sports are the heartbeat of Melbourne and we’re proud to welcome around 2.5 million guests to more than 400 events at our venues each year.  

People come from all over the globe to share in exciting experiences and incredible atmospheres. Most recently we’ve seen this come to life with the biggest and best Australian Open Grand Slam yet, straight into megastar concerts from Elton John and Queen + Adam Lambert. And those are just a few of the unforgettable moments we have hosted in the last few months. 

The evolving situation with COVID-19 has unfortunately led to the postponement or cancellation of hundreds of concerts, conferences, events and festivals across Australia and the rest of the world, with many events still unconfirmed.  

As a result, performers, businesses and contractors are losing important income. Australian website I Lost My Gig currently shows that since Saturday 14 March, over $300 million in lost income has been reported by freelancers, creatives, casuals and small to medium businesses.  

The website was created to give a voice to Australians in the industry who have been impacted and tallies the cost of coronavirus being felt, ultimately to find ways of helping the affected people and businesses. 

It’s worth noting that the figures shared by I Lost My Gig are just those which have been reported. The website states that the actual figure is likely far higher, and one that will only increase as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.  

How you can help 

We share the disappointment of thousands of fans whose events have been cancelled or postponed, but it has been heartwarming to see the numerous messages of support in our global and local community. All the people asking how they can help those in the creative and live music industries will bring strength through such a challenging time. 

The Killers, who recently announced an extension of their upcoming tour, have delayed the on-sale of their Australian and New Zealand shows. But they’ve stated that when tickets do go on sale, they will be providing a portion of their ticketing income to local organisations who help people whose service industry jobs are impacted by the coronavirus in each of the tour cities. 

If you’d like to follow The Killers’ lead, you can donate to Support Act, a charity which supports music workers (artists, crew, staffers, composers, roadies, techies, managers and more) impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. Support Act have recently announced a campaign designed to help the Australian Music Industry at this time, called ‘The Sound of Silence’ (SOS), which encourages those who are in a position to do so to donate to Support Act, allowing them to provide crisis relief services to all those affected during this time.  

It’s also important to continue to stream, share and buy music, as by doing so you are keeping music sales alive in a time when bands/artists are unable to self-promote at events and touring is temporarily halted.  

You could also buy merchandise from your favourite artists – many have online stores and there are websites like SoundMerch and Band T-Shirts who stock merch from heaps of amazing artists. By buying merch, you’re giving the artist and their business a boost in a time when they might be struggling.  

Australia’s music industry came together and united over the last few months throughout the bushfire relief and recovery, and it’s important that we continue to do just that as we face uncertainty over what’s to come in the next few weeks and months and support each other in any way we can.  

Live Initiatives:  

  • Sound of Silence (SOS) - buy one of the two limited edition SOS t-shirts (with all proceeds going to Support Act).  
  • Stream live, follow and listen to Aussie artists taking part in Isol-Aid festival (a weekly, virtual festival). Any donations made will go towards Support Act. 
  • Ausmusic T-Shirt Day is happening earlier this year to further support the live music industry. Buy a t-shirt, show some love to your favourite Aussie artist and donate. All proceeds go to Support Act.
  • Keep your tickets – if you have a rescheduled event, try and make sure that you hold on to your tickets. All tickets purchased for the original date remain valid for the rescheduled shows.