AAMI Park shine a light on Universal Children’s Day

On Universal Children’s Day Melbourne & Olympic Parks charity partner Berry Street is shining a light on the need to create a child-safe community with AAMI Park.

Across Victoria, the need for safe homes is rising: there are more than 10,300 children and young people across the state who cannot live safely with their parents[1]. With the number of children in care having increased by 34% over the past five years[2], the need to provide safe and nurturing homes for children is critical and ongoing.

Berry Street CEO, Michael Perusca said the organisation was working with Melbourne & Olympic Parks, to light up the iconic AAMI Park stadium in colours on Universal Children’s Day, drawing attention to Berry Street’s work with vulnerable Victorian children.

“We believe that every child has a right to a good childhood. The number of children who cannot live safely at home is increasing every year, as are the number of available foster carers. More than 22% of Victorian children going into care are under five years old[3],“ said Mr Perusco.

You can help by pledging your support for protecting children from neglect and violence: https://pledge.berrystreet.org.au/ 

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