Hoddle Street Changes

Accessing Melbourne & Olympic Parks

From the early hours of Sunday 17 March, traffic will begin moving through Victoria’s first continuous flow intersection at Punt Road and Swan Street. The new design changes right turns to manage high traffic volumes and allow more people to travel through each green light.

Access to Melbourne & Olympic Park venues

Punt Road towards the city

Once the intersection is open, drivers turning right from Punt Road onto Olympic Boulevard will travel on brand new lanes next to existing Olympic Boulevard lanes.

There will be no change for drivers turning left from Punt Road to Olympic Boulevard.

Brunton Avenue will remain as it is now:

  • one left turn lane in from Punt Road

Olympic Boulevard towards the city

Olympic Boulevard will become one through lane and one dedicated U-turn lane towards the city. To access our carparking areas and venues, drivers must use the left lane. The U-turn lane provides access to either Swan Street or Punt Road only.

Olympic Boulevard towards Swan Street and Hawthorn

Two dedicated left turn lanes will allow drivers access to Punt Road. To access Swan Street from our venues, use the middle lane.

The right turn from Olympic Boulevard to Punt Road towards the Yarra River has been permanently removed. Access to the south eastern suburbs is available via Alexandra Avenue, Swan Street or City Road.

Turn right out of the carpark and use Swan Street Bridge to access Alexandra Avenue.  

Swan Street towards the city

To get to our venues from Swan Street, choose the left lane before you cross Punt Road.

The slip lane onto Punt Road towards the river will remain and access to Punt Road towards the MCG will be via the new U-turn lane.