Accessibility Information


Guests with reduced mobility can get to the arena via Olympic Boulevard or the Rod Laver Arena and Hisense/Melbourne Arena tram stops. You can see where these are located on the map of the precinct

There are ramps throughout the site, as well as lifts in all venues, and all turnstiles have an accessible entry option for those who may need it.  


Accessible parking is booked through Ticketek on their Accessible Seating Hotline: (03) 9286 1208. We’d recommend booking parking when booking your tickets or well in in advance of your event to avoid disappointment. 

Guests who are unable to secure pre-booked accessible parking should pre-book a standard car park and present their disabled parking pass to the car parking attendant on the day to be directed to the best available spot. 


Reduced mobility guests visiting Rod Laver or Margaret Court Arena by car can be dropped off in the Northern carpark via entrance A (Batman Avenue)*. Just to let you know, all visitors have 20 minutes to drop off guests to the arena, after which time you may be charged. 

For those with reduced mobility visiting Melbourne Arena, there’s a designated drop off zone directly in front of the venue on Olympic Boulevard.  

*Entrance A is closed to public access due to construction for the Australian Open from November 2019 until early February 2020. Guests may access the Northern Carpark by turning left at the roundabout in the Entrance D roadway. 


External lifts can be found west on entrance E (City side) and east on entrance F (Richmond side) to take guests from ground level to level 1 external concourse and gates 2 or 7.  

If your tickets mention level 2 – Olympic Park Room – Corporate Dining or level 3 aisles 1-10, go to lift 1, 2 & 3 (aisle 7).  

If your tickets mention level 2 – Corporate Suites or level 3 aisles 21-30, go to lifts 4 and 5 (aisle 24). 


When booking accessible tickets, make sure to go through Melbourne Park Office directly. To get in touch you can: 

If there’s still availability, you can also get your tickets on the day from the accessible ticket window at Rod Laver Arena Forecourt Box Office.  

All Melbourne & Olympic Parks venues accept Companion Card bookings. 


All venues have wheelchair accessible seating bays. These bays have wheelchair space with a seat free alongside for a friend or relative. 

There are plenty of accessible toilets (larger, wider cubicle with a door opening outwards) available throughout the venues.  

There’s also a Changing Places toilet in Melbourne Arena, beside the Information Desk and in Rod Laver Arena at Door 7. Guests can use their MLAK to access these facilities or collect a key from the venue Information Desk.